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About Me

A Commitment to Community

From my years as a Girl Scout Brownie at Gordon Elementary School to my current service on the Chesterfield School Board, I have a demonstrated track record of commitment to serving the community where we live.

I taught 7th grade English at Providence Middle School, and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to mentor the next generation of leaders by establishing and leading my daughter’s Girl Scout troop for three years. I also served as an English language tutor in our schools for several years, helping our youngest newcomers learn English. Previous to my 2019 election to the School Board, I served as an appointed member and chair of the Chesterfield County Special Education Advisory Committee.

I am a committed community volunteer, and I have put my values into action through acts of service. I currently serve on several community nonprofit boards, and have a deep and abiding love for all that Chesterfield County is and can be. 

A Proven Leader

Experience Matters

Since my election to the School Board in 2019, I have stood strong on my commitment to the students, families, and residents of Chesterfield County. 

During my time on the Board, I have:

  • boosted teacher salaries by 25 percent

  • led a school safety initiative to retro-fit vestibules and upgrade security cameras in our schools, adding an additional layer of protection for our students

  • voted in support of annual budgets that have increased overall school funding by over 30%


Kids First

No Political Agenda

I will always put our kids first. Our schools are places for our children to grow, not political battlegrounds.

  • Every student has the right to feel safe and welcome at school

  • Every parent has the right to decide for their own children what books they feel are appropriate 

  • Every student deserves the freedom to learn the history of America through facts and the accounts of lived experiences of all Americans

  • Every parent matters because the quality of our public schools impacts everyone


7617 Pocoshock Way

North Chesterfield, VA 23235

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