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I am honored and proud to be a recommended candidate by the Chesterfield Education Association Fund for Children and Schools.

Chesterfield Education Association Fund for Children and Schools


I am proud to be endorsed by the RAR. We know that safe, equitable schools create an attractive community for homebuyers, strengthening the economy of the entire county.

Richmond Association of REALTORS RPAC

2019 Chesterfield Ag Vision Endorser.jpg

I recognize the importance of our county's rich agriculture and value our Farm Bureau's advocacy work on behalf of Chesterfield's agricultural community. That's why I'm proud to endorse the Chesterfield Farm Bureau 2019 Ag Vision.

Chesterfield Farm Bureau

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A Commitment to Community

From my years as a Brownie at Gordon Elementary School to my current campaign for school board, I have a demonstrated track record of commitment to serving the community where we live.

I taught 7th grade English at Providence Middle School. I am a member of three schools’ PTAs, and I have held leadership positions within the organization at the school level. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to mentor the next generation of leaders by establishing and leading my daughter’s Girl Scout troop for three years. I also served as an English language tutor in our schools for several years, helping our newest, youngest American residents learn the English language. Additionally, I have had the honor of serving as an appointed member and chair of the Chesterfield County Special Education Advisory Committee.

I am a committed community volunteer, and I have put my values into action through acts of service.

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About Dot

Every student deserves a shot at a first-class education. As a parent of three children who attend Chesterfield County public schools, I’ve seen the uneven access to resources in our classrooms firsthand. The central focus of my work as a school board member will be to provide every student in this county with the highest-quality resources and support, regardless of the school district.

What makes me qualified?

I have a proven record of public service and community leadership. I’m an educator with Chesterfield County Public Schools, where I served on the Special Education Advisory Committee. I’ve also been an education advocate for nearly ten years, and I served my community as an ESL tutor and as a volunteer on my synagogue's school leadership committee. I have a strong connection to CCPS, as my children attend the same public schools that I did. I will bring my leadership skills, local knowledge, and passion for community service to this office.

What sets me apart?

My father, a retired law enforcement officer, instilled a strong tradition of civic responsibility in me. I believe public service starts with the individual at the local level, and it’s our job to get involved and make our communities a better place. From my volunteer work as an ESL tutor to starting my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, my values have always been informed by my upbringing and my faith. Serving on the school board is another opportunity to serve my community.

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Moving Chesterfield Forward

Graduation Ceremony


Every student in every school needs the right tools to meet their definition of success regardless of where they happen to live. As an educator and a parent in Chesterfield County, I’ve seen firsthand the uneven distribution of resources among the schools in our county.
My driving principle will be to ensure that every student has the same access to both critical academic and extracurricular supports.

When I pointed out that this is their la


Transportation to and from school is something every parent depends on. However, Chesterfield County is experiencing a school bus driver shortage that can we can fix. At the moment, our county provides free training for school bus drivers but doesn’t require them to invest those skills in our communities upon certification. I will require a minimum commitment of two full school years of service years in order to earn a Commercial Driver’s License from Chesterfield County.



We should be setting school budgets based on what we know our schools will require. Our budget should provide accountability, flexibility, and allow schools to plan for the school year more accurately.
We shouldn't be asking for less than we need; our students deserve more.


Safety and SROs

I will establish a transparent and cohesive relationship between the school board and the resource officers who keep our classrooms safe. For SROs and schools to work together most effectively, we need to create a common language, align our procedures, and build a culture of mutual trust. Our students also require SROs who are trained in trauma-informed care and de-escalation strategies, and I will lead the way to establish these standards.

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